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Nookshot Border Terriers

About Us

Based in Barnham, West Sussex, Nookshot Border Terriers are the owned and bred by me, Rachel Newman. Bred for temperament and quality, Nookshot Border Terriers have proved to be successful in the showing ring, popular as family pets and provided the sires to many litters.


I have always had a passion for dogs which started with the first family dog Jasper a Collie cross Labrador who was a major part of the family. When he passed away  the house felt empty and I persuaded mum to let me have my own dog and I got my beloved Taffy a  Border Collie which I rescued.  But he needed a lot of help with behaviour issues as he had a bad start in life which we overcame with time, I when wanted a friend for him and again I had to persuade mum. We went to The Dogs Trust in Shoreham by Sea and I got Barney a good old cross breed who settled in well!


From the age of 16 I worked at a local kennels and learnt a lot about breeding pedigree dogs and much more. I went to college and studied the art dog grooming and completed the course, I left college to work in another kennels and then run the grooming parlour there for about 6 years. This is where I was introduced to Border Terriers, then I was offered a bitch puppy on show terms and it was love at first sight. After work I rushed home and told mum all about her and that I really wanted her to be part of the family, again I worked my magic and I brought home this 8 week puppy called Lottie home to meet the gang.


When Lottie was about 2 years of age she had her first litter of 3 boys, Tom, Dick and my beloved Harry who were all healthy and cracking puppies, Lottie had her puppies in my sister's bedroom but lucky for her she had moved out the month before. I found Tom and Dick good homes and are all very happy but I kept Harry my little star. Lottie has had a couple of litters and this is how I got another two beautiful bitches Tuppence and Willow. All my litters have been whelped and raised at home and not in a kennel like some breeders, I will continue to do this as I believe this is the best atmosphere for a puppy and mother as it's calm and social environment.


I love showing my dogs and they love being shown whether it's in a local fun dog show, at championship shows or at Crufts , Harry has been placed a few times at Crufts  and Hugo has showed at Crufts too so fingers all crossed he follows in his fathers success.


So that's me in a nut shell on how my passion start and my gang grow hope enjoyed the little insight to how I got started.