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Nookshot Border Terriers

Border Terriers

So what are Border Terriers? The Kennel Club describes the breed as:


"The breed standard is terse and to the point; it outlines exactly the qualities which are required for a dog that is expected to go to ground after a fox. He needs a powerful pair of jaws, good bone but not heavy, and a chest which is not too wide for him to get out of any earth he enters. He also needs to have the stamina to keep up with a horse, in order that

he will be there when he’s needed. He is basically a worker, but is perfectly capable of being an active member of a family, having a temperament which combines good nature with a terrier’s gameness.


The Border was once known as the Reedwater or the Coquetdale Terrier, after the localities of his early days. His present name was adopted around 1880, probably because he was worked with the Border Foxhounds. But it was forty more years before the breed was recognised by the Kennel Club, in 1920."